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Does it matter how big my driveway is?

Nope! All of our pricing is flat-rate and only increases if your driveway is Circular or U-Shaped. Your home qualifies so long as it's a single-family residential home. If you accidentally order for a commercial property, we will refund you in full.

How long is the snow season?

Our packages end April 1st. Plow Credits and on-demand requests can still be serviced after April 1st. You can get Seasonal Service in April by ordering a 2020 Package.

What do you use to plow?

We use a combination of plow trucks, snow-blowers, and shovels to clear snow. It's all up to the discretion of our drivers on what they think will be the safest and most effective option.

Why can't I receive a personalized quote?

There's no need for it! All of our pricing is flat-rate for single family homes, and listed on the website. If you need your walks cleared or salt applied, just select those options during the ordering process. 

What areas do you service?

Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, & Massachusetts. 

What if my home or community has a gate?

You can supply us your gate access code in the Special Instructions field during check-out, or you can equip your gate with a lock-box, put a key inside it, and supply us the code to that.

All codes supplied are kept highly confidential and only given to our drivers.

Where do you put the snow?

Snow pile location is up to the driver's discretion. Our drivers are informed to put the snow in places that won't impede traffic, views, or cause any damage. If you have a special area you'd like the snow, please explain it in the Special Instructions field during check-out.

How much snow accumulation does there need to be in order to clear the snow?

Clearing happens when there's at least 2" of  snow accumulation. We determine snowfall depth using NOAA.

Does Penguin apply salt after plowing?

Absolutely. Just choose that option in your package and you're all set!

How many snowfalls does the All-Inclusive option cover?

All of them, so long as the snowfalls reach our 2" trigger. Be advised that our Seasonal service only cover loose snow accumulation of 2" and not ice storms. 

How do Plow Credits work?

You can buy just 1 or you can buy 20. Lock in your "per push" rate and use them however you'd like! Be advised that Plow Credits can only be used for loose snow accumulation and not the removal of ice during an ice storm.

How do I use a Plow Credit?

Shoot us a text! (844)-600-1002. Upon receipt, you can expect us to be there within 12 hours. Be advised that during heavy snowfall, we may experience longer than normal wait times. We do our best to keep you updated during any delays.

Do your packages include walkways?

Sure they do! Just choose what areas you'd like cleared during the check-out process. If there's anything outside of the ordinary, put in the Special Instructions field.

For Seasonal Packages, how soon after a snow event should we expect Penguin to arrive?

Within 12 hours! Blizzard conditions, equipment issues, holidays, etc may delay this timeframe. We will do our best to keep you updated regarding any delays.

Why can't Penguin guarantee service by certain times?

Because snowfalls can happen at anytime, and because of variables like weather, road conditions, and crew delays, we can't guarantee exact times. For example, if we guaranteed service by 8 AM, and a lake effect snow squall moves in at 7 AM and drops 4" in one hour, we wouldn't be able to get to you within that timeframe. That's why our service times are based on the timing of the snowfall, and other variables. Just like an airline, we'll do our best to be punctual, but delays happen and we ask for your patience when they do.

Does Penguin stake the driveways?

Driveway markers are included in our Seasonal Packages if you order before 11/24, however, they are not included for Plow Credit customers. Driveway markers will be mailed to you by December 1st.

If you missed the boat, you can still order them through us. Click this link- Driveway Markers

Staking is not required for service, although it his highly recommended.

Who plows my driveway?

Local snow removal contractors. We use whoever's going to plow you out the fastest.

How can I buy more than one package?

You can add as many packages as you'd like to your order. You can list all of the service addresses in the Special Instructions field during check-out.

Do we plow commercial properties?

Penguin is home-focused, but we do have a separate commercial division. Click here and fill out the form to inquire.

How do I contact Penguin?


Text: (844)-600-1002

You can text us 24/7. During heavy snowfalls or holidays, our response times may be delayed. Rest assured we have staff members working around the clock to get to you.

Refund Policy

Seasonal Customers: We do not offer any refunds if you've been serviced at any point in time, or if you've been a customer for longer than 15 days. 

We do not offer refunds for delayed service. Please respect the fact that this is a Seasonal Contract service, and while we do our best to service everyone fast and consistently, we may experience variables outside of our control that may affect timing. We ask that you judge the quality of our service over the course of an entire winter, and not just on one snowfall. 

Plow Credit Customers: Plow credits are non-refundable. You always have the option to use your credit for a future snowfall. Credits do not expire.

Refunds may only be requested via e-mail or text (844)-600-1002. Please be advised that they can take up to 7-10 business days to process. Please contact for more information.